T9 reppin’ for BAMbooby sweatin’

Ladies. We have amazing news to share.

A few days ago, BAMstrength had the great privilege of being invited to participate in a #FitFest at  Title Nine in Boulder, Colorado, and something exciting has come of it.

But let’s start at the very beginning. (A very good place to start.)

Who is Title Nine?

Title Nine is a women’s clothing company designed after our own hearts. Founded in 1989 by Missy Park, Title Nine was the first retailer focused on selling women’s sports and fitness apparel. It’s amazing to think that up until the early 1990’s, women were wearing sports apparel designed for men! (Yes…now would be an appropriate time to pause and give a moment of silent appreciation for all of your female workout gear – even the dreaded sports bra. More on that later…)

Missy took the name for her company from the 1972 U.S. Title IX legislation that requires gender equality for boys and girls in every federally funded educational program and activity, including sports. The following was taken directly from their website – a quick synopsis of how Title Nine describes themselves….

Who Are We

As you can see, Title Nine is one badass company that we’ve fallen hard for. Seriously. It’s like they’ve looked inside the soul of a BAM and written things down for us. And we haven’t even started talking about their clothes yet!

So… Title Nine is a great company. But, what the heck were we there for again? 

Well, the BAMs were invited to a #T9FitFest. This is where you go into their store and receive personalized bra fitting advice from a “Bravangelist” expert. First Lady Linda was originally scheduled to go, but due to last minute sickness and conflicts in schedules, our dear BAM Shannon graciously took her place. (Thank you, Shannon!) Here is what Shannon had to say about the evening:

Ladies, we all know that there are a million and one things holding us back from reaching our goals. Work, school, children, commitments… we all have so much to do. But, did you know that one of my greatest challenges is keeping things in? Yes. You read that right. I don’t like going for a run and constantly feeling like I’m giving someone a show. When I’m trying to get into shape and better myself, I hate it when my chest is getting more of a workout than the rest of me. 

I agreed to go to the Title Nine Fit Fest, #T9FitFest, and represent the @BAMstrength girls, talk about all the great things we’ve done together, and meet a couple of great #bravangelists. I had never heard of Title Nine before I was asked to go, and honestly had never been fitted for a bra. Sports bras are scary. Every one I had owned prior to this event either smashed me into that horrible looking uni-boob that made me feel like I almost had a double chin, or they didn’t do what I’d bought them to do. 

I was totally freaking out about having someone help me with my bra. I walked into the Title Nine store in Boulder determined to get out of there as soon as possible. (Think: be nice, but run!) Annie, the #bravangelist, immediately took me back to get fitted. I told her that I was currently running with two sports bras. She said, “Our goal is to get you into just one.” Okay, I thought. I can agree to that. What she did next made me a little nervous. Annie proceeded to pick six different bras from the racks and walked me to the changing area. I thought I would be there all night! Determined to be a good girl and represent such an encouraging group of ladies, I followed her anyway. Annie then said, “Go ahead and get changed. When you are ready, put your shirt back on and I’ll come check on you.” Wait. What?! She wasn’t going to go all Mother Hildegarde on me and stay with me the whole time?!!! (Thank the Lord in heaven!!!) I tried on #1, and did you know all of their bra’s have names? Of course you did. I didn’t. It never occured to me that my Brooks Adrenaline’s could meet up with my Title Nine Trade Up. Four bras later, I found the one I was most comfortable in, and the bouncy ball didn’t appeal to me anymore. They did offer up the burpee test, but I’m not too crazy about being #Valbo’d in my work clothes.

As you can tell from the Instagram video on BAMstrength, I had a pretty good time. I’ve decided I can run a little faster now that I’ve got control on my side, and I’d do it again.”    Shannon@Issyb29

What does this all mean for the badass ladies of BAMstrength?

Here’s the deal. All of you BAMstrength ladies located in the United States have a chance to win a Title Nine sports bra of your very own. Here’s what you need to do to win:

  1. Follow BAMstrength on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can earn an entry to the raffle on EACH SITE. Encourage your friends to follow us. The more the merrier!
  2. Tweet us using the hashtag #T9FitFest and tell us why you desperately need to win a new sports bra. The goofier the better. Poems and prose always earn extra brownie points, and may earn you an extra entry into the raffle.
  3. Post a picture of you working out to Instagram, tagging @BAMstrengthgirls and using the hashtag #T9FitFest.
  4. Spread the news via Facebook, using the hashtag #T9FitFest and explaining to your friends how awesome BAMstrength is and why you are super stoked to have an entry to win a badass sports bra from Title Nine!

You can also schedule a fitting with one of your local #bravangelists and feel comfortable about the whole ordeal. If perhaps you need to order one online, they can still help you! The ladies in California have a great support line for those of us that still need to talk to someone before venturing in for one of the most important pieces of sportswear in our arsenal.

If you can participate in a #T9FitFest, do it.

The #T9FitFest in Boulder is on Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st. You can RSVP for it here.

Title Nine is also holding FitFests at other locations around the United States. Here’s a list of dates and times. If you go, make sure you tell them you are a BAM, and direct them to our website if they haven’t seen it already.

You can also get a personalized fit at:

*Your local store

*Using the online bra genie

*Chat with a #bravangelist by phone at 1-800-342-4448

We are so excited to have partnered with Title Nine for this event, and can’t wait to gift one of our wonderful BAMs with a new sports bra. T9 reppin’ to get those BAMboobies sweatin’ in style and comfort. 🙂

As always,


Love, Your First Ladies (Ruth, Linda, & Sarah)