What’s with the name? Am I a BAM?
BAM! Because once you get swept up in our silly, encouraging wake, you won’t know what hit you. And also, Bad Ass Mamas…or Mavens, if you prefer. Or some other M-word of your choosing. Part of the name was inspired by the idea of Strong is the New Skinny (and Silly is the New Sexy…our own personal invention) to remind us all that strength and being badass is better than evaluating whether our outsides look like the airbrushed bodies on magazine covers. And in case there was any doubt, a BAM could totally take a MILF in a fight.

Who is BAMstrength?
We are an informal, growing group of women working on staying fit and strong, encouraging one another, and laughing a lot while we do it. We like long walks on the beach, re-writing popular songs into silly oblivion, squats, and comfortable work out gear. Also: food.

Who started it? 
Ruth, Linda, and Sarah met while making goofy replies to Bear Strength Clothing Co. on Twitter. Through our Twitter chatter, we decided to see what would happen if we did a 30-day strength challenge together. What happened was a lot of fun, accountability, and a renewed commitment to working out. We decided to invite others to join us, and BAM! Here we are.

Were you friends before? Have you ever met? How do you know you’re all real?
No, we weren’t friends until a few months ago. We met on Twitter, which is always funny to explain to anyone over 20. But it is beginning to feel more normal every day. Just like how 10 years ago, your friend totally lied about meeting his fiancée on a dating website but these days it doesn’t seem so weird. We do have actual confirmation that we are all real human beings and are working on all being in the same city together sometime soon. So far, Ruth and Sarah have met each other and several other BAMs. And we’ve all hung out with Seattle area BAM Kristin. You can ask her if we’re all real.

Are you fitness professionals? Can I ask you for medical/dietary/physical therapy advice?
We are not. Think of us like the group you meet up with to go for a run in the park. We’re here to support and encourage and challenge ourselves alongside you, but not to coach or train you. We will not be making up the fitness challenges we use and we in no way endorse the products or represent ourselves as personal trainers. It is up to you to know your own limits and make modifications as you need them. Please do not ask us for advice, unless it is for the best detergent to get the aroma of workout funk from your tee shirt or whether we find lavender or peppermint more invigorating in the post-workout bath. We are nerds who read a lot of books, but none of them are medical journals. If you have any concerns before starting a challenge, please, please, please talk to your doctor about them. All challenges and workouts will be available online, so it should be easy to share with your doctor unless she is a Luddite. In that case, you can print it out for her.

I’m just getting back into working out, am I in the right place?
Heck yeah! Even if you’re not doing the same challenge as the rest of us, we want to hear how it is going and will cheer you on through your personal victories. Just make sure you chat with your doctor if you’re starting something new.

I follow you on Twitter and I am confused. What is with all the pineapples?
Ah yes. It all started when Sarah’s kindergartener came home with a new word she learned at school. Let’s say that Sarah was kind of 🍍ing pissed that her six year old had learned the 🍍-bomb. The usage caught on like wildfire in the BAMosphere. We’re really 🍍ing sorry about the language.

Ok, so WT🍍 is with all of the cookie emojis on Twitter then?
Sometimes a cookie really is just a cookie. And we do enjoy them. Rather a lot. But often, if we’re talking about cookies, we’re really talking about being kind. Whether it is encouraging someone to be gentle with themselves or just saying “I wish I was there to do something nice for you,” the cookie in BAM speak seems to be shorthand for caring.

I think I’m catching on! So the beer and cocktail emojis–like, the essence of life or something? 
Thanks for thinking we’re so high brow. Truth is, BAMs like to have a good time. So you may see an actual cocktail or two in your newsfeed.
All things in moderation. Even emojis.

Gotcha. Who is Theo?
Theo is a dangerously good brand of chocolate. Some among us may be in a committed domestic partnership with Theo, but it would be indiscreet to name names.

So, what is the BAM end game? 
World domination. Or something like that. Our goal is to keep growing and evolving with the needs of our participants. Right now, that means online encouragement and presenting monthly challenges to participate in, along with some fun contests and giveaways. We’re also beginning to see BAM meet ups, where some of us are finding ways to meet in person for a drink, for breakfast, for a workout, or for a race. This has been one of the best things to come out of BAM so far and we would love to see more of it! When we dream big, we imagine BAMs as remote training partners who travel to do a race together, we see new friendships blossoming, we see support for women who are trying to reach new goals, and we hope BAMapalooza–a chance for a big group of us to gather for a weekend of fun and fitness, preferably somewhere tropical, but perhaps somewhere in the continental United States.

Can anyone join?
Of course! The more the merrier. Bring your friends. Bring your mom. Bring your babysitter or that one co-worker who is afraid of the gym but wants to get moving. We want to keep the BAM doors wide open to newcomers. Our goal is inclusivity, not exclusivity. We have all probably had that moment of walking into a room of strangers and feeling awkward, waiting for someone to say hello and explain the secret handshake. In BAM, beyond our obscure love of pineapples and cookies, we hope to always remain approachable and safe. And badass, of course. It goes without saying, we are big believers in this motto: Wake up. Be badass. Be Kind. Repeat.
Now go kick some ass. (Kindly.)

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’m an Irish/Scottish ginger (my mom is from Ireland) who sadly lives in the states. Would love to join your badass club however. Do you have anyone in the states?


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