Joyful July

BAMs, you’ve made it halfway through 2016. And while we don’t want to paint a picture that it’s been a tough haul, slogging your way through life’s drudgery (because negativity is NOT how we roll), we also know that 2016 has been kind of, well, icky in many ways.

Do you remember back in 1992 when Queen Elizabeth II had a rotten year (her daughter divorced, Charles & Diana separated, Sarah Ferguson appeared topless and toe-sucking, and Windsor Castle almost burned down) and called it her annus horribilis (Latin for “horrible year”)?

Well, we are waiting for someone to create a MEME showing 2016 as a remake of 1992, but much, much, more serious. We’ve lost some of our celebrity icons, we’ve had more bombings and shootings than anyone could have imagined, and every day there are new instances of hate propaganda and examples of continued intolerance for our fellow human beings.


It gets tough sometimes. We strive to remain positive as we live our lives, but the news can really get us down as we deal with our own trials and triumphs.

Enter BAM’s mid-year 30-day challenge, Joyful July.

You know this already, but we are going to say it again. Exercise is good for your body and your soul. Not only does it fight illness and delay aging, but it also makes us feel better, enables us to handle stress with more resilience, and, frankly, it increases our level of Badassery.

This month we are challenging you to commit to doing our Joyful July challenge 3-5 times per week.

Here’s the catch: you need balls to do this workout.

Get your mind out of the gutter now, we are talking about exercising balls – one a stability ball, and the other any kind of light playground ball or a medicine ball if you have it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.07.05 PM

We know we are asking you to purchase equipment for the first time. Sorry about that. However, a stability ball is a GREAT purchase, as you will want to use it for stretching (amazing back and ab stretches), ab work, and a host of other things. (And they’re less than $30 at Target, and we even saw some on Amazon for less than $20).

We are also going to ask you to post Joyful news whenever you can – news you find online, news about you or your friends and family, news about some cute kid on the other side of the world who set a personal record, news about a species brought back from the edge of extinction, whatever. As long as it’s Joyful, we want to read about it! (We will post stuff too.)

But wait! There’s More!

To make up for your purchase, we created a Joyful July BAM bonus for you – it’s a playlist on Spotify that is made up of silly, sublime, upbeat, and relaxing songs made to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Here’s the link directly to the playlist: “BAMs Joyful Workout.” Of course if you’d rather listen to AC/DC Thunderstruck to get you moving, then have at ‘er, and play our playlist later while you do the dishes. Guaranteed you will smile.

The workout is from, and although we love it, we found it tough to use becuase of the ads. So, we did screen shots and saved it in this handy dandy PDF for you to download. Just click below to access it.

BAMstrength’s Joyful July Workout

So that’s it. Send us your thoughts and pictures, and don’t forget to hashtag #JoyfulJuly!

Love, your First Ladies,








Ruth, Linda, and Sarah





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