Boom BAM Pow

Hey BAMs. Sarah here for a little June Edition of BAM Confessions.A little over a month ago, I ran a half marathon. Despite the course being a lot more hilly than I had bargained for, it went pretty well. I had spent four months carefully following a training plan, then took a day of rest.

Then another, then another.

Almost a month and a half later, I wouldn’t say my fitness regime has taken a complete nosedive, but the competing interests of my busy life have crept in and taken over. Without the drive of training for a specific goal, I’ve kind of lost my fitness rudder. It’s not that I wasn’t busy while I was training: my husband was deployed, my girls were struggling with the long separation, and I had a multitude of other commitments calling my name. But these days, in the absence of a specific goal on the horizon, there is no consequence of putting exercise last on my list. Two months ago, when race day loomed, skipping out on a run might have meant the difference between finishing strong and limping across the finish line. Right now, the only negative outcome is…me feeling disappointed in myself. It’s a bummer, but I know I can survive it.

But not really. Feeling constantly disappointed with myself is not a sustainable lifestyle choice.

What I need is a new goal. But what? How do I choose?

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you probably recall the goal-setting exercise Ruth lead us through in January. The final step of the exercise was to have a quarterly review. Since we are halfway through 2016, we are due to have a look at what is going on with those goals. The review process is much like the self-assessment we did back in January:

What is something we’ve accomplished in the last six months that we are proud of and/or were able to check off the list? What factors made this success possible?

Which goals remain elusive? If you are struggling to make progress, the questions to ask are similar: what are the barriers to achieving this goal? Is there something we can do to remove the obstacle? Who can we ask for help with this?

Whether you have been wildly successful in knocking down the goals you set for yourself and need some new ones, or have had some setbacks that mean it is time to re-evaluate what is possible, remember to choose something SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). Maybe in January you wanted to be able to do one strict pull up by July. But when helping your friend move her giant sofa last month, you injured your shoulder. The pull up goal might need to take a back seat to physical therapy for a while, and is now no longer relevant to your current circumstances. And depending on your healing time, timely completion of the goal seems off the table too. That goal (for now) fails the SMART test. Is there something else you could work on instead? Maybe running that July 4th 5K your sister has been bugging you to do for years?

I have found that saying my goal out loud helps, because someone is bound to ask “how is that going?” So I’ll say mine out loud to you: my new goal is to join a rowing club and attend practice by July 14th. In the meantime, I want to run a minimum of 30 minutes three days a week to keep up endurance. I have a lot of crazy things going on this month, including a cross country move, so trying for more would fail the attainability portion of the SMART test. But I know I can make the time for three runs a week, call the rowing club, and sign myself up by July 14th. It may not get me into the olympics, but since that’s not my goal, who cares? It is important to remember in all of this that we’re not here to impress. We’re here to improve. (If you want the accountability of saying your goal out loud too, shout it out on Twitter to @BAMstrength. We’re here to cheer you on!)

As you begin to revisit your goals, make sure you check in with your BAM buddy and ask how she is doing with hers. If you don’t have a BAM buddy, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll hook you up with another kickass woman who is looking for a little accountability as she tries to balance work, fitness, family, and friends.
And now…on to our June challenge!

Now that Sarah has inspired the heck out of you, let’s keep going with the Boom BAM Pow theme. This month we are going to do a high-intensity general fitness program based on martial arts moves.

We are using the Fighter’s Codex routine from our friends at You can find it by clicking here, or download the 30 day PDF by clicking below.


Now don’t be scared. You may be an über fit BAM and be excited about smashing this challenge right off the bat. You may look at this and say “nuh-uh. no way. no how.” Or you may be somewhere in between.

Remember WWSD (What Would Sarah Do). She would decide what is realistic for her in this program, and decide how much she can do each week in order to attain it. So your goal could be:

  • Smash it every single day, and beat my day 1 time by 20% on day 30.
  • Complete the Boom BAM Pow workout at least 3 days a week.
  • Do the Boom BAM Pow workout every day, but only do as much as I can in 5 minutes to start, working my way up to a full workout by day 30.
  • Walk 30 minutes a day 3x a week, and do two Boom BAM Pow workouts every week.
  • Or any variation of the above, including just #DoingYourOwnThing. Just make sure you plan to MOVE your body!

You can modify just about anything, and if you’re not sure how, just ask. Remember:



Now go out there and smash it ladies.

Love your First Ladies,


Ruth, Linda, and Sarah


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