Choose Your Own BAMventure!

Hello BAMs!

This post may or may not be coming to you from a sandy beach on a distant shore…so please forgive us for getting to you a little late. Two of your First Ladies are on vacation as we write this, which has rendered planning May’s challenge a bit of an adventure. But we are BAMs. Adventure is our middle name. (Well…ahhh, technically the A stands for something else, but this is a family blog. Ahem.)

During one of our power text planning sessions, we decided May would be the perfect month to celebrate the seventeen (yes, SEVEN ūüććin’ TEEN!) monthly challenges we have served up for our BAMs so far.

We enjoyed looking back at these so much that we decided you might like it too. So, for May, we are inviting you to Choose Your Own #BAMventure. Look back at our various workouts, choose your favourite or most challenging, and get at ‘er!

For those of us who don’t have a personal trainer keeping us on track, working out on your own can be a huge challenge. (This is why we developed BAM in the first place!) We know that not every challenge is your cup of tea or maybe you are working toward a goal that makes our monthly challenge hard to integrate into your own workouts. We thought May could be an opportunity to experiment with being your own trainer: pick out a plan that challenges you and fits your current needs and goals. If you like variety, you can pick a few of the challenges and mix and match. There are no rules!

Let us know which #BAMventure¬†you choose. Check in with your BAM buddy and pick one together, invite that one friend who is trying to get back on track to join you, or shout out to the BAMily which one you are picking and invite others to join in. As always, if you have any ideas or requests for future challenges–like MORE BURPEES (said no one ever)–let us know!

Here are links to our previous monthly workouts:

  1. December 2104: K2C (Kind to the Core)
  2. January 2015: 30 Days of Change
  3. February 2015: YoFlex
  4. March 2015: Squat or Di Trying
  5. April 2015: BAMming Sexy Back
  6. May 2015: SuperBAM
  7. June 2015: Walk This Way
  8. July 2015: K2C Redux
  9. August 2015: Push It
  10. September 2015: Back to BAM
  11. October 2015: PUMPkin Up the BAMs
  12. November 2015: Revisited 30 Days of Strength
  13. December 2015: K2C2
  14. January 2016: Continue K2C2 & BAMbuddy Resolutions
  15. February 2016: Tour de BAM
  16. March 2016: OMMMMMg
  17. April 2016: Viva BAM Vegas

Yours in Badassery,


Ruth, Linda, and Sarah

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