Happy Leap Day, BAMily!

It’s Sarah here behind the big BAM blog switch today. It’s been a busy month at BAM headquarters, so I am grateful for an extra day before March comes roaring into our lives.

As we wrap up our February challenge, TourdeBAM, it sounds like many of you are crazy busy too! We had a great time pretending to run around Scotland with you. For those of you who were logging your miles as part of our BAMstrength team on the Charity Miles app, we will have reached 3200 miles (or about $800) –just as soon as I add my four mile run in later today! Even though this month’s challenge is coming to an end, our Charity Miles team will keep going–so keep logging the miles as you walk and run. In addition to our charity miles, we raised $600 for Bloodwise this month with your TourdeBAM “entry fees.” Amazing work, team!

For our March challenge, we have decided to shift gears a bit. Maybe it is because we are worn out, maybe it is because spring is knocking at the door, but when Linda, Ruth, and I were discussing this month’s challenge, there were two things we all wanted: simplicity and stretching.

So here it is: this month we are challenging our BAMily to add a Sun Salutation to every day.

That’s it. No schedule to download, no miles to track. No fundraising. Just one Sun Salutation a day. If you already have a regular yoga practice or feel like you want more of a challenge, you can add additional Sun Salutations, or try other variations, but the challenge is to do it every day without fail.

sun salutation

If you are new to yoga and have never done a sun salutation, this very nice beginner demonstration is a good place to start.  If you have a tiny bit more time, this one is great too. If you find you want to add some postures to your practice, YouTube has a host of videos of varying quality, but Yoga Journal and Gaiam’s YouTube channels are good bets for clear, safe instruction.

I am excited about this challenge because I have spent the last several months in physical therapy for back pain. I have learned a lot, but the underlying message that I have heard is: hey smarty pants, you should never have stopped doing yoga!

Many of the stretches and deep core work that my physical therapist has walked me through are essentially yoga poses (child’s pose, cat-cow, among them). This is not to say that yoga inoculates you from injury or you can’t get hurt doing it, but I have a renewed appreciation for the value of slow, controlled movement and active stretching. It has been an intensely humbling experience for me to learn that I could be weak in my core, even when it looks strong. And that ditching a form of exercise that looks less physically intense for exercise that looks more hardcore is what landed me on the physical therapist’s table. So I see this challenge as a time to help you to learn from my mistake, too.

For those BAMs who have been stepping up their workouts this last month, whether by adding mileage, or new strength moves via the MPC prep program, or an enthusiastic trainer with a case of spring fever, I think we all can benefit from slowing down a bit. If you add a bit of mindfulness to your breathing as you move through your Sun Salutation, all the better.

As always, we look forward to hearing how the challenge is going for you on Twitter and Facebook. Just tag your posts #naBAMaste so the (badass) spirit in BAM can greet the (badass) spirit in you.


Love and ohmmmms,

Your First Ladies

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

Linda, Ruth, and Sarah

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