I See Scotland, I See France!

In defiance of the time space continuum, February 2016 has arrived. Perhaps like us, you woke up blinking, wondering where January went. But here we are: February. The month where heart-shaped candy boxes form a speed bump to keep grocery stores from selling Easter candy before all the Christmas decorations are down, and when the crowds at the gym simmer down as New Years resolutions begin to fade. But not for BAMs! We’re holding fast to those resolutions, thanks to our BAM buddies, encouraging and holding us accountable. (Don’t have a BAM buddy? It is not too late! Let us know and we will hook you up! Click here for the link to our original blog post that explains our BAMbuddy program.)

Since it IS February, that means it is time for a new BAM challenge: the Tour de BAMs.
Lace up your shoes and meet us at the starting line: We’re taking you on an active cyber vacation, where you will be running or walking and exploring new cities, all without ever getting your passport out of the drawer. I see Scotland, I see France, I see BAMs in their . . . Bear Strength shirts kicking some major ass. (You didn’t think we’d have you gallivanting all over in just your pants, did you?!) As a tribute to our pals at My Peak Challenge, we have set our race in Scotland. (We hear it is super sunny and tropical there this time of year, perfect running weather, surely.) Because some of our BAMs will be participating in either the MPC prep program this month or My Peak Challenge in May, we have decided we would like to do our part to raise some funds as well. More on that in a moment.

Here’s how the race works:

  1. Head over to our BAMstrength Just Giving page (click here) and make a donation. In the spirit of My Peak Challenge, 100% of your “race fee” will go to Bloodwise to help them in their ongoing efforts to eradicate blood cancers. You are now an officially entered in the Tour de BAMs. Congratulations! We promise this race will involve a lot less road rash than that similar sounding little bike race in France.
  2. Print out your race bib. Wear it with pride as you run or grocery shop. Or stick it on your fridge to remind you to get moving today and inspire winsome small talk with curious dinner guests.
  3. Download the Tour de BAMs map, calendar, and city descriptions. These will be your guide for each day, telling you where you are on the journey and how long each day’s stage will be. Pick which level you want to do (it can vary day to day depending on the weather, your mood, or your need to burn off steam) and get to work.
  4. When you are out there walking or running, use the Charity Miles app to join our team, record your progress and donate to charity at the same time (and this doesn’t cost you any money – other companies sponsor you and donate on your behalf.) We’ve been using this for a while now, and we are almost at the 2,000 mile mark, which is about $500 donated. (Way to go TEAM BAMSTRENGTH!)
  5. Those BAMs with a Fitbit can also track their daily accomplishments that way (and don’t forget there is a BAM Fitbit team.)
  6. Can’t use the Charity Miles app? Don’t have a Fitbit? No matter. We believe you. Just let us know how you did on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (#TourDeBAMs) Pictures are welcome too!!
  7. When you have completed the race (or at least most of it – we’ll be fairly lenient), we will be awarding finisher’s medals to everyone who makes it across the finish line. Trust us when we say you will want one of these.

Sound Too Complicated?

Sorry. There are just a lot of details. Let us boil it down for you:

  1. Register by donating on Just Giving.
  2. Download PDFs.
  3. Choose your level of activity each day.
  4. Get out there and move your BAMbooty!

Here are your PDFs for the race:

BAM Race Bib

BAM FEB Challenge Map

BAM FEB Challenge Calendar

BAM City Descriptions

We can’t wait to hear what you all think of this one, whether you are participating in MPC and excited to prep, or just like the idea of some accountability to get out there and walk or run.  Let us know!

Have fun, and Happy February!

Love, your First Ladies,

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM


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