Sneak Peek

Hello BAMs! We have made it through the first week of 2016. For those of you dazzled by your own success–congratulations! For those of you whose year has started off with head colds and work commitments and dashed plans–congratulations! You still have 354 more days of awesome ahead of you. So take a deep breath and take heart. You still have plenty of time to show 2016 how it’s done.

Here at BAM HQ, we have been seeing a number of questions about the My Peak Challenge Prep Program and what BAM has planned over the coming months. Since you all have lives and workouts to plan, we thought we’d pull back the veil just a teeny bit to tell you what we have planned for February and March:

  • FEBRUARY: In February, we plan to build on our two months of #K2C2 with a challenge that adds some friendly competition and an additional charitable component to our miles. So if you are enjoying the motivation to move your feet, February will be a lot of fun for you! (Click here to read about #K2C2.)
  • MARCH: Our March challenge will take us back to functional body weight exercises, with a little twist. (If luck be a lady, then that lady is a BAM. This is an official clear-as-mud hint.) For March, the focus will be on strengthening and varying our routine.

We hope this helps you all to plan a little. Whether you choose to join in the MPC Prep or the BAM challenges, or a little from Column Sam and a little from Column BAM, keep us posted on how it is going on Twitter, here on the blog, or on Facebook. (If you happen to have a carrier pigeon, we also accept pigeon mail.) We want to cheer on your milestones.

And if you have a BAM buddy, we want to hear all about that too! (Or if you NEED a BAM buddy, or have no idea what we mean by “BAM buddy”, click here. You’ll also get help on setting your goals, if you haven’t already.)

Now go show 2016 who is boss.

Yours in badassery, the First Ladies,

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

Linda, Ruth, and Sarah

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