Happy Anniversary to Us!!!


Can you believe it? BAMstrength is a year old this month!

It was fall 2014 when The First Ladies found each other on Twitter. For those of you who know BAM’s history, you know that we started tweeting via our pals at The Bear Strength Clothing Company, and soon realized we had a shared goal of getting back to fitness.

In November of 2014  we did our first challenge, 30 Days of Strength, and had a few #OriginalBAMs join us. We also started this blog in November, with Sarah starting things off with You Found Us! on the 25th.

We’ve come so far since then. Twelve 30-day workouts, more than 550 followers on Twitter, a Facebook page, charitable donations in support of Ben Towne Foundation and Bloodwise (formerly Leukemia & Lymphoma Research), BAMily meetups around the globe, BAMstrength bracelets, BAMbuddies chatting and supporting each other via texts and abundant use of cookie, chocolate bar, and pineapples emojis. And who could forget Gabriel, our first official BAMbino?

Where we will be this time next year? When we quietly dream about the future of BAM, we see more active, engaged members, more original challenges written just for us (like Kim’s BAMingSexyBack this April), and more blog posts to keep us connected and inspired. As we being to meet more of the BAMily offline, we have all noticed that it feels a lot like meeting an old friend for the the first time. It is weird and wonderful and we hope to foster more of these opportunities. We are looking forward to tracking the badass exploits of our group through the Traveling BAM Flag and hope to see many of you at BAMapalooza 2016 in Maui in April 24-26 (details coming #soon), or at one of the BAMily meetups this year. We know so many of you are working on your own fitness and health goals, and we believe you will achieve great success next year with the support of your BAMily and your own badass heart and soul!

For this month we are revisiting the  very first challenge we did together: Thirty Days of Strength at Darebee.com. Click here for the link. Don’t be afraid of the moves if you’re new to this kind of exercise. Everything can be modified and you can choose your level. In fact, we encourage you to compete the Fitness Test first to see what level you’re at.

Give it a shot, and as always, let us know how you’re doing, whether it’s the #BAMiversary workout or #DoingYourOwnThang.

Love you much!

Your First Ladies,

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

Linda, Ruth, and Sarah

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