PUMPkin Up The BAMs

It’s October in BAMelot, and we’re painting the town…orange. 

Pumpkin everything: pumpkin spice lattes (unless you are Sarah, who prefers her coffee unmolested by gourds), pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin patches, wee tiny babies in pumpkin costumes. Pumpkins everywhere. It only seemed only fitting that we bring the Pumpkin to the BAMily in as badass of a way as we could.

We’re here to PUMP(kin) you up!

The first part of our challenge is to GO OUT AND BUY A PUMPKIN. Don’t question us, just do it. We don’t care if it is from Safeway, or an heirloom Cinderella, or still covered in mud from the pumpkin patch. Just get yourself a cucurbita pepo. (Yes, we googled that.) You’re going to need it for the second part of the challenge we’ve put together this month which will incorporate a new medium–a daily photo challenge. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to follow us on Instagram at BAMSTRENGTHGIRLS. We want you to post your pictures either on Instagram or Twitter, using your pumpkin in the photo, hashtagging it with #BAMstrength or #BAMstrengthgirls, lalong with our monthly hashatag of #PUMPkinUpTheBAMs. We will be keeping tabs on your progress, picking the baddest of the badasses to repost.

This leads us to the third part of #PUMPkinUpTheBAMs, which encompasses the fitness aspect of our October challenge. This month we’ve chosen to do something very different from the norm, compiling some of the best dance and one-song workouts from the internet that we could find (and a few of our own inventions) into one monthly fitness challenge. Add them to your daily WOD for an extra boost, use it as your way to fight the 3pm doldrums, do it with your kids during the dinner time witching hour–whatever your schedule, there is time for a one song workout! 

So bookmark this page and get ready to dance (and squat and burpee) your pumpkin off. We’re PUMP(kin)ED you’re here!

OCTOBER 1:  “Pump Up the Jam” with Zumba girl on YouTube 

Photo Challenge: Jam

OCTOBER 2:   “Shake It Off” workout via Diary of a Fit Mommy

Photo Challenge: Haters Gonna Hate

Taylor Swift

OCTOBER 3:     “Good Vibrations” workout via The Skinny Student

Photo Challenge: Beach

I Don't Go to the Gym: Beach Boys: Good Vibrations Workout by The Skinny Student!:

OCTOBER 4:     Do your own thing . . . and tell us about it of course!

Photo Challenge: Unwind

OCTOBER 5:     The Boxer by Carbon Leaf

Photo Challenge: Shadow Boxing

OCTOBER 6:     “Hey Ya!!” with MasaZumba on YouTube

Photo Challenge: A Favorite Thing

OCTOBER 7:     “Applause” workout

Photo Challenge: Hands

One Song Workout- Applause:

OCTOBER 8:     Walk one mile (or more!) with your pumpkin, because we are here to Pump(kin) you up. Always and forever.

Photo Challenge: Walk

OCTOBER 9:     “Roxanne” BURPEE challenge (There had to be one. Now eat your fitness broccoli.)

Photo Challenge: Red

OCTOBER 10:     Do your own thing! Don’t forget to hashtag it #DoingMyOwnThing

Photo Challenge: Leaves

OCTOBER 11:     “Uma Thurman” Zumba workout on YouTube with FoodieBelle242

Photo Challenge: Work a Miracle

OCTOBER 12:     “Call Me Maybe” Blogilates workout on YouTube. We seriously love this girl and consider her an honorary BAM member.

Photo Challenge: Stairs

OCTOBER 13:     Walk one mile (or more!) with your pumpkin, because by now you are best friends. Just you and your kickass pet pumpkin.

Photo Challenge: Pets

OCTOBER 14:     “Can’t Touch This” workout

Photo Challenge: Hammer

OCTOBER 15:     “Whip Nae Nae” cardio workout on YouTube – do it with your kids!

Photo Challenge: Legs

OCTOBER 16:     “All About That Bass” yoga workout

Photo Challenge: Bass

Getting fit with your favorite songs is an excellent way to enhance your workout. Research shows that music motivates you to push harder, so why not kick off an intense sweat session by warming up to catchy tunes? Below … READ MORE >:

OCTOBER 17:    Try combining a few of the workouts that you’ve already done. Don’t forget to tell us about it!!

Photo Challenge: Badass

OCTOBER 18:     “Titanium” workout

Photo Challenge: Metal, Heavy or Otherwise

OCTOBER 19:     Do your own thing! And share your adventures with the BAMily!

Photo Challenge: Selfie

OCTOBER 20:     “Bad Blood” workout

Photo Challenge: Arms

Lyrics to 'With Or Without You' by U2. See the stone set in your eyes / See the thorn twist in your side / I'll wait for you / Sleight of hand and twist of fate. 'With Or Without You' is a famous song which cover by Randdy Farrell.:

OCTOBER 21:    Brick House Abs

Body Twist Crunch demonstration here

Photo Challenge: Ab Fab

OCTOBER 22:    U2’s “Beautiful Day” workout

Photo Challenge: You, plus two


OCTOBER 23:     “As Long As You Love Me” Love Handles workout with Blogilates on YouTube. We love this girl.

PhotoChallenge: Love

OCTOBER 24:    Duran Duran “Rio” workout

Photo Challenge: Water


OCTOBER 25:     Walk one mile (or more!) with your pumpkin.

Photo Challenge: Orange

OCTOBER 26:     Do your own thing! Hashtag it #DoingMyOwnThing on Twitter.

Photo Challenge: Restful

OCTOBER 28:     Pick one of these, find a pair of cowboy boots, and saddle up for a workout.

Photo Challenge: Country

OCTOBER 29:     Pick your own song and do this workout.

Photo Challenge: Favorite Song


OCTOBER 30:     “Cupid Shuffle” Zumba workout with Zumba Hajni 

OCTOBER 31:     “Thriller” workout

Photo Challenge: Trick or Treat



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