Back to BAM!

Labor Day. (Or Labour Day for Sassenachs.)

For some people this is a time of sadness as we say farewell to summer and head back to work. In a recent Facebook post, BAM Shan (@bonoisagod) likened this time of year to “a Sunday…the last day of the weekend. The last day you get to sleep in. The last day before the long workweek begins again.” So many of us love summertime and that feeling of relaxation (lethargy?) and heat and sun and sand and popsicles. Labor Day can signify the end of those things, unless you’re BAM Karen (@kazcas23) who lives Down Under and is heading into spring.

Or, you may think like Ruth and celebrate September as a New Year! A time to go back to all things normal and scheduled and routine. The return of football and apples and crisp days and sweaters and boots! If you are like Sarah, you get a little thrill walking past the aisles of notebook paper and binders and sharp Number Two pencils. This September for Linda will mean working her way back to a familiar fitness level now that our newest BAMbino has made his debut.

Or, instead of “back” you may be happysad that your little one(s) are moving forward and heading to school for the first time. What a big step they are taking and you’re so proud and nervous for them, and a little teary as they say “bye Mom” and go running.

Or, you may be past the stage of “little ones,” and looking forward to some big event this fall. Going back to school yourself? Looking forward to My Peak Challenge 2? Making plans for BAMapalooza? (Maui. April 2016. Details #Soon.)

Whatever it is you’re going back to or forward to, your BAMily is here to support you and challenge you to be the best you can be. If you are starting a fitness journey, going back to the journey that had a summer hiatus, or moving forward to a new fitness level, we’re with you!

For us, this September is about getting Back to BAM.

We ran challenges this summer and many of you jumped right in! We have loved your posts and pictures and all around enthusiasm, not to mention your support for others making the journey.

We’ve also loved gaining so many new BAMs, some of whom are facing some pretty tough challenges themselves. Wouldn’t it be awesome if even more joined us? All part of our plan of “World Domination.” (Read our FAQs at the top of this page!)

So… Back to BAM includes a fitness element and a social element. Ready? Here goes:

  • Your fitness challenge is the Darebee (formerly Neila Ray) “30 Day HIIT Program.” HIIT = High Intensity Impact Training, and this particular program requires no special equipment. You can access the website by clicking here. Note there is a downloadable PDF, which is super helpful. We love these programs because there are many levels for you to choose from each day. Click here for their Fitness Test to help you figure out which level you should target.
  • Your social element involves bringing a buddy to BAM. How many people can you get to join us? And we mean REALLY join us. This isn’t about increasing our follower number on Twitter. It’s about reaching more women who want to get fit and strong and laugh while they do it. For every follower you bring to BAM, (ie. the more you spread the buzz about BAM), you will get an entry into our contest for a most fantastic prize pack donated to BAM by Burts Bees!
  • image(Baby not included in prize package)
  • And if you want to be extra BAM-like, you will send us a back-to-school picture of yourself from days gone by. Oh we love those! Bringing back old-school is sure to have you all #BAMingLikeABoss, (to quote ShortyB @BrandieJHart!)

Are you ready to get Back to BAM? Let us know! Tweet us your workout stories with the hashtag #BackToBAM (or #DoinMyOwnThang if you have your own fitness program – we love hearing about those too!)

Love and pineapples,

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

Your First Ladies,

Linda, Ruth, and Sarah

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