A Quick Word about Challenges

Hello BAMs! 

Sarah here behind the big blog switchboard. We’re super excited that it is August and the #PushIt Challenge is officially underway. We can’t wait to hear from all you badasses about how you are pushing your limits in August, whether with this workout or something else entirely. And of course, we cannot wait to meet Linda’s wee little lad when he makes his debut in a few short days! It’s shaping up to be quite a month of change and challenge. But we’ve got this, right?

I wanted to quickly address a point of misunderstanding that arose this week. I think those of you who have been with us for a while know this, but we wanted to be sure everyone is clear that we, the First Ladies of BAMstrength, do not make up the challenges you see here each month. As we stated at the outset of this little adventure, we are not doctors or trainers, so we aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of training you. What we do feel comfortable doing, however, is what we do for ourselves–looking for fun challenges that we think we could do–and then inviting you to join us. It is much like you might do with a group of friends at the gym, except we are doing it separately, in our own homes, thousands of miles apart. (Just how introverts like it!) 

With the exception of Kim’s awesome #BAMingSexyBack challenge in April, which she designed for us, the challenges we have utilized until now are ones we have found online. Since this group started as a homegrown trio of girls just seeing if it was possible to do a long-distance fitness challenge together, we are learning with every challenge the best way to find and present workouts. As BAM grows, we hope to cultivate relationships with more trainers and grow our cache of workouts designed exclusively for us as well. In the meantime, however, we will continue utilizing challenges we are able to find for free online. (Like the ones we have used in the past for the superhero challenge from http://darebee.com and for #YoFlex from http://www.doyouyoga.com.) As long as the workouts are posted for free online and our major function is to encourage you and connect you with other women who are doing it too (and chat about it with enthusiastic emojis), this feels an equitable arrangement.

Earlier this week, however, it was brought to our attention that our previous post did not state clearly enough that we did not design the workout we chose for August. This message rattled all of us because we are very committed to NOT taking credit for work we have not done, as individuals and in our work with BAMstrength.  We operated under the assumption that following the embedded link would make the origins clear, but in retrospect that was the wrong call. We are genuinely sorry if our actions in any way gave the impression that we were trying to pass this workout off as our own creation. We should have been more explicit in our language so that anyone reading would have immediately understood. We have fixed that on the blog today and will be sure include more robust explanations in all future challenges. We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the author of the challenge, Marc Hemingway, for our carelessness. He seems like a lovely guy and his blog includes the inspiring story of his transformation from “couch potato to runner bean.” Be sure to check it out: http://hemingwayrun.com If you like his challenge, I’m sure he’d also love a Twitter shout out too: @zepalm.

Again, we apologize for our failure to be totally clear. We will do better next time. Thank you all for your believing in us and supporting the BAMily. Your enthusiasm and support are why we are all here.

Now go #PushIt. And be sure to capitalize that I, or you’re going to get…um…it…all over Twitter.

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