July – A Month of Options (and the dreaded B’s)

Hi there BAMs! Ruth here, reporting on behalf of Linda (who is trying to catch 5 minutes of zen time as baby boy does Muay Thai in utero), and Sarah (who is in Wales trying to catch 5 minutes of sleep while sharing a double bed with a toddler and a six-year old). I’m at my cottage relatively unencumbered, so you’re stuck with me for another announcement. Pardon all the extra “u’s” in my spelling if I use colour or neighbour a lot. 🙂

First, let me say, thank you for reading this! Whether you’re new or an old hand at this BAM thing, we like to see all the clicks and retweets that help us grow. We also strongly encourage you to click on the FAQs at the top of the page to learn more about who (and why) we are, and what some of our more quirky qualities are.

OK. On with the show.

July is a new month, and we First Ladies have to keep on finding new and inspiring ways to keep our BAMs engaged and reaching for their fitness goals.

Walk This Way has been a huge success, with more BAMs than ever taking part and getting their booties moving. You’ve walked a few hundred steps or maybe several thousand steps, and we don’t want you to stop that. Ever. Walking is such an incredible way to move your muscles and joints, clear your mind, and boost your metabolism, and now that you’ve started, why stop?

In fact, you may not want to stop, even with the launch of our new July challenge. So we’ve created a program full of options for all fitness levels and all types of schedules.

You have four choices BAMs. Note that “Do Nothing” is not one of them!!!

Option #1: Keep walking. Hashtag #WalkThisWay and let other BAMs know how you’re doing with it, and better yet, how you FEEL. If you’re super new and not sure what our #WalkThisWay program is, click here for the link. If you’re selecting this option because you think it’s easier – we’re on to you (because we ARE you). If this is your choice then commit to it, each and every day, come rain, shine, or bad moods. And if you can, add in a hill or two to boost the challenge!

Option #2: Kind to the Core Redux (or K2C2). Those of you who were with us way back when BAM started may remember our December challenge, Kind to the Core (or K2C). It had an element of of being kind to our abs (all the workouts focused on our abs), and an element of being kind to others by donating to a charity (we donated to Leukemia and Lympoma Research, and like to think we inspired other groups to do the same!). Our revisited version of this involves the Kind to the Core piece with a great ab and cardio workout, and also encourages you to buy a BAM bracelet as part of being Kind to Others. All profits (about $9 a bracelet) go to the Ben Towne Foundation, and you can read more about that if you click here. So far we have donated about $200 to this amazing cause! Hashtag #K2C2 if you choose this option!

To access the K2C2 workout, click here. Don’t yell at me because of the B’s in there. This is a group effort, so you have to yell at all three of us.

There are YouTube videos for each of the exercises, with low impact versions and versions for those of us who don’t have the cardio level we might want (yet!). The videos are terrific, but the last link to Plank Jacks seems to be broken and just takes you to Running Lunges again. The video for Plank Jacks is here. Finally, on the site there is a calendar that shows each exercise and the times for each. The format is # of seconds to do each exercise / # of seconds to rest in between each exercise.

I’ve updated it for you with July’s dates on it, because that’s the kind of gal I am. Here it is:Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.59.11 PM

To access the Etsy store to buy a BAM bracelet, click here.

Option #3: Do both. Heck, why not? You’re a BAM! #DoinItAll

Option #4: Do your own thing. We are so ok with that. Just promise us one thing: tweet us and tell us about it ok? #MyOwnThang

Have at ‘er BAMs! Only ten months until BAMapalooza 2016!


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

Your First Ladies (Linda, Ruth, and Sarah)

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