SuperBAM to the Rescue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….…that’s right, it’s #SuperBAM!!! (watch out Clark, those BAM’s are seriously badass!)

If you haven’t guessed by now, our May challenge has a bit of a superhero theme to it, and rightfully so. Way back at the end of February we asked the question, “When you think of a badass woman who inspires you, who comes to mind (and why)?” Our twitter feed was instantly flooded with stories of strong women, all of them inspirational, and most of them being your own mothers. This was actually no surprise, as we’ve known for a long time just how awesome you ladies are. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?!

27 FebElizabeth Krueger @elizlk
@wholelottamotta @BAMstrength Mom for me, 2. She is battling Parkinson’s & inspires me.
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19 : 33

27 FebLiz Gannon @Chompa76
@BAMstrength my Mom. Too many reasons to list. She didn’t even tell me she had bladder cancer until her long battle was over.
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27 FebMichelle @wholelottamotta
@BAMstrength my Mom, DeAnn, who battled lung cancer for 7 years with strength and determination to the very last day. 💗
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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and the unveiling of a sparkling new hashtag #StrongFromWithin from Bear Strength, it seemed appropriate that our May challenge combine the two – a mashup of strength, if you will – for our team of BAMheroes. What better way to show that “with great power comes great responsibility” than with #SuperBAM, a superhero workout for Monday thru Friday. (Some of these are undeniably challenging, so we’re giving you the weekends off to wash your capes. Yo, that spandex gets nasty after a week of sweat anyway.)

Monday WOD:

Tuesday WOD:

Wednesday WOD:

Thursday WOD:

Friday WOD:

But, wait! The #SuperBAM, superhero, super-awesomeness doesn’t end here!

It’s no surprise that, like all badasses in the world, Batman loves cookies.

And what is the perfect accompaniment to cookies? Tea, of course.

Cookies. Tea. Superheroes.

Now the real fun begins.

For the whole of our May challenge, we are asking all of you BAM’s to enter our #SuperBAM Hero Contest. We want you to snap a picture of yourself, or someone else, being heroic. A selfie, showing your badassness. A picture of a friend that you’ve recruited to join the BAM challenge. Any photographic evidence of someone you know in your life (your mom, your BFF, your trainer…) who is your hero. Post these pictures on Twitter, tagging @BAMstrength and using the #SuperBAM hashtag when you do so, for a chance to win a beautiful Napolean Bee Mug and a tin of Queen Catherine black tea for yourself AND your hero! All entries will be entered into a drawing and a random winner chosen at the end of May. Enter as many times as you want. RT’s promoting our May challenge also count as an entry, so get those trigger fingers ready to work Twitter!

Napoleon Bee Mug - glass with tea

BAMstrength would like to give a shout-out to Harney and Sons Fine Teas this month for an awesome, badass giveaway! If you haven’t done so yet, follow them on Twitter @HarneyTea.

Keep up the hard work! We look forward to seeing all your entries and enjoying some Super fun times this month.

Love, Your First Ladies

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