We’re Gonna Flex You Up

Hello BAMs!
January is almost over? We’re in a tiny bit of shock over here at BAM headquarters. Our first challenge of 2015 is almost finished. What now?
First, we need to say thank you for all of the hilarious tweets and submissions for our BooTEAlicious giveaway. You still have until the end of January to wow us with your mash up skills, epic selfies, and playlists, so please keep the entries coming. There are some front runners, but we do love an underdog sweeping in at the last moment, so don’t be shy!
Now, on the details of the next challenge in 2015.
We’re calling it…Burpees ‘Till You Barfees.
So, just do as many each day until you toss your cookies. Awesome, right?
Yeah. I think this cat speaks for all of us: 

Ok, ok, so we were having a little bit of fun with you. The February challenge involves neither burpees nor cookie tossing. If you know anything about BAM, you know we do not stand for cookie abuse of any kind, so that should have been your first tip off that we’ve got something else planned.**
For the month of February, we are serving up a fitness combo platter: half arm strength, half yoga. Each day, you decide which your body needs most. You can choose to fold the short yoga session into your WODs for all of February, or you can opt to just work on arm strength, or to alternate days, or even to do both challenges each day for a more intense experience.
For the yoga challenge, visit: http://www.doyouyoga.com/course/the-30-day-yoga-challenge/ and sign up. It is free, and you get a short 10-20 minute sent to your inbox daily. The instructor Erin Motz is lighthearted and fun. If you’ve ever wondered about yoga, this is an excellent way to give it a try (or a second chance).
You can find the arm strength challenge here: http://www.fitgirlcode.com/fit/30-day-arm-challenge/ We liked this challenge because it’s extremely straightforward and the website provides good demonstrations of proper form and modifications.
Take a look at the sites, think about whether you want to do one or both challenges and get started on February 1st.
We will be hashtagging February’s challenge #YoFlex (since you’ll be yogis who may need to flex a teeny bit to show off your guns by the end of this challenge). For all of 2015 we will also use #BAMchange, since this whole year is all about change for us.
Please let us know which combination of challenges you’re choosing and keep us posted on how it is going!
Also, don’t forget to find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thoseBAMstrengthgirls

**If you really have your heart set on burpees, Neila Rey has a challenge for you. The rest of us will be over here cheering. And we’ll hold your hair back when the inevitable happens.

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