Ruth Reveals All

BAM’s New Contest is Boo-TEA-licious!

January. For most of us it is associated with the blues, fierce winds, snow, and long dark nights. For all of us, it means the end of holiday fun, food, and festivities, and a return to “real life.” And if you’re a member of BAM, it means you’re working your way through our January challenge, 30 Days of Change.

As Sarah said in her post last week, it’s a tough workout challenge! And it’s meant to be, because in order to snap ourselves out of our post-holiday food comas and develop our habit of movement and exercise, we need to be challenged. Hopefully you’re all pushing yourselves to do as much as you can every day, always being careful not to overdo it, and taking breaks where you should.

Anyhoo. I’m not here to write about our challenge. Not really, anyway. I have the happy task of announcing BAM’s first Fit & Fun contest, designed to encourage everyone to participate, yak it up a bit on Twitter, laugh, and inspire each other.

The reward? Well, perhaps you’ve guessed from our use of words like “brewed,” “steeped,” and “cuppa,” that we are talking about tea. Not just any tea. We “First Ladies” don’t do things unless we do them right! Which means fun, organized, and a tad silly.

I can hear you all now: “Enough of the banter Ruth, what’s this all about? And don’t say ‘we’ll tell you the details eventually,’ because we will exit BAM immediately. Stage left, even.”

OK then. Here goes. The details of the BAMstrength First Ladies’ BooTEAlicious contest are:

Who: Well all of you, of course. We know there are some regulars out there who love to post, and we hope even more will start chiming in with their entries and their fun fitness comments.

What: Three parts, all happening in the same time period. In other words, you can try for all three! And enter as many times as you wish!

  1. Linda’s Challenge: Create a hilarious Mashup.
    1. A what-now? A Mashup! Many of us have been taking song lyrics and substituting in fitness or BAM related words. Why? No reason. It’s funny and fun.
    2. Criteria? None! Do your thing! It helps if it will be recognizable to everyone, so consider your song choice(s) carefully.
  2. Ruth’s Challenge: Create a fantastic workout playlist. Soooo many options, soooo many amazing artists. Create your own, tell us why it’s awesome, and post it. Although I’m partial to 70s music with a little George Michael and Miranda Lambert thrown in, the only criterion is that your playlist needs to be at least 45 minutes long.
  3. Sarah’s Challenge: Post an EPIC selfie. EPIC means a lot of things, but for Sarah, it means you’re probably doing some kind of exercise, you’re wearing some gear from our friends at Bear Strength, you’re in front of some kind of recognizable landmark, you’re with a well-known celebrity, etc. It’s up to you! There are only two absolute criteria: first, it has to be you in the picture (obvi). And second, you need to turn it into a Meme!!!
    1. What’s a Meme? It’s just a photo with some clever caption on it. We posted a bunch during our “poke the bear” days, so you can scroll through our photos to see some examples.
    2. How do you make a Meme? There are many Meme generators online. Click here for one we’ve used, but feel free to use whatever generator you prefer.

Where: In your home town. In your vacation destination. In your living room. Wherever you are when you get the creative and energetic bug.

When: Starting January 15th (12:01am in your local time zone, which means “you know who” (ahem Karen) will probably start us off), and running until midnight (in whatever time zone you’re in) January 30th.

Why: Just because it’s fun.


  • Whether it’s your EPIC selfie/meme, playlist, or mashup, post it to BAMstrength’s twitter feed (@BAMstrength) with the hashtag #BooTEAlicious.
  • We will collect all the entries and put them in our blog, and YOU all will vote on your favourites. So as much as you may want to bribe us, it won’t help.
  • As soon as our consolidated blog is up, you will have one week to vote and choose the three winners.
  • We will announce the winners as soon as the voting is complete, and the prizes will be shipped out ASAP.

Prizes: Ready for this? We’re kind of giggly and pleased about it and hope you are too:

  • Linda’s Challenge winner will receive a package of her special blend of tea called Craig Na Dun. This is a blend of black and honeybush teas, with hints of chocolate, cream, and vanilla.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.00.20 PM

  • Ruth’s Challenge winner will receive a package of her special blend of tea called Mo Nighean Donn. This is a decaf blend of almond rooibos tea, apple pieces, and cinnamon bark, with a bit of vanilla thrown in for good measure.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.18.35 PM

  • Sarah’s Challenge winner will receive a package of her special blend of tea called Wham, Bam (Thank You, JAMM). (Raise your hand if you just snorted and/or legitimately LOL’d!) This is a blend of black tea, green rooibos, ginger root, apple pieces, and marigold flower, with hints of passionfruit. She picked this blend because everyone likes a some hot ginger this time of year. TEA, PEOPLE! GINGER TEA! IN A CUP! I have no idea what you all were thinking…

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.32.23 PM

  • We will ship the prizes straight to you, and after the contest is over we will provide info on how all of you can order the teas for yourself, if you’re just dying to have some.

So that’s it! All in good fun, and all to enable more people to participate and engage in BAMstrength! We hope you will participate and encourage more of our 200+ followers to do the same (you can start by retweeting, not just favouriting, any notices we post about the contest). We KNOW we will have fun reading your entries.

Enter as often as you like, in as many categories as you like!

If you have any questions, please tweet us or send us a DM on twitter, and we’ll get right back to you.

Off you go! Be creative! Have fun! Shake your boo-TEA!

Love, The First Ladies (Linda, Ruth, & Sarah)

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.03.26 PM

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