Goals. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hi everyone! Linda here, in my BAMstrength blogging debut, to talk to you all today about goal setting, goal missing, and goals gone bad…with an emphasis on the last two. Those are the ones I am especially well versed in.

As we near 2015, it’s a natural thing for most people to start making a list of resolutions. Blame it on Christmas carnage all over the house (I swear next year to be better organized!), that aged bottle of eggnog in the back of your fridge (this juicing thing is easy!), or even lingering mirth leftover from the holidays (All you need is love!). I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t start the New Year without hope of changing something in their lives for the better, and usally fitness or general health and well-being is a part of this. I also have yet to meet a person who, without properly thinking things through or strategizing how to meet these said goals, ever accomplishes what they’ve set out to do (that person is me). Add in the daily stresses of life, work, kids, sickness, vacations, and whatever else comes your way – even the best formulated plans can fail – and the worst formulated plans are thrown to the wind as just another stupid fitness resolution waste of time.

So….is it utterly hopeless to even try?

No. Not if you rememeber a few things.


Think long and hard about what you want your end point of the New Year to be . . . and then beyond. Because seriously, if it’s worth the time and the effort, aren’t you hopeful it will continue for years to come? Most importantly, make this goal realistic. Lose 5, 10, 15 lbs? Gain upper body strength? Be able to walk around the block five times? Learn how to macrame? Those are all things someone could accomplish in a year’s time.

Go from zero exercise to climbing Mt. Everest? Change your clothes from size 16 to size 0? Eat sushi every day for 52 weeks in a row? These goals may be on some people’s lists, but I sure wouldn’t want to watch them try it.

Knowing what YOUR reality is, and what is best for YOUR body should be the main focus of penning a fitness goal. It will also be the main catalyst for whether you succeed or not.


A plan of action is crucial and is also where most people plot their own failures. Again, reality check. Let me give you one of my own personal examples.

Last year, at 7 weeks postpartum with baby #10, I decided it was time to kick it in high gear and get back into shape. The little walks I’d been taking with the children were fine, but I wasn’t seeing RESULTS fast enough. I needed something drastic. So, like every mom who has a newborn baby and leaky boobs does, I joined a woman’s indoor elite soccer team and signed up for a whole season. Not kidding. You think my stupidity ends there? Oh no…. Not only did I think I could manage 45 minutes of sprinting up and down a soccer field once a week with kickass athletes after months of general inactivity, I also thought I could go entirely Paleo while doing so. It was a hot mess. I started to dread my Monday games. I began to think it was a total waste to even try and exercise anymore. I hid bread in my closet to feed my need for a late night carb fix . . .

A goal requires baby steps to get you there. So, go ahead and write down your one big goal at the bottom of your paper. Now, start and the top and list small things that will help you get to the bottom. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your badassness. You should find, in doing this, that you actually don’t have just one big goal – you have about a hundred little goals! Even the littlest things matter here. Baby steps first, then toddler food, and before you know it you’ll be reaching past those adolescent days of acne and braces and closing in on that fitness dream that used to seem so impossible to reach.

It was, with all this in mind, that the ladies at BAMstrength decided to embark upon the 30 Days of Change via Neila Rey (http://neilarey.com/programs/30-days-of-change.html) starting January 1st. Combining a mix of cardio and bodyweight WOD techniques, it is designed to help you change your exercising habits for the better. From beginner to hardcore, this can help you formulate a WOD plan for daily life that will carry you on through the year. Of course, there is more planned for the year to come! 2015 is going to be great!


You won’t ever make it to the end of your driveway if, for every two steps forward, you take five steps back. There will be setbacks and failures. That’s just how life goes. But it doesn’t have to derail you from reaching your goal if you don’t let it. The ladies at BAMstrength also are here to encourage not only in moments of supreme badassness, but also in moments when you feel like a complete mess. One step in front of the other. One day at a time. Plus, if you’re wearing #TeamBearStrength, even the worst of days can be salvaged by soft tri-cotton cuddles.

This is also why we invite you to join our challenges. Of course, they are meant to get us in better shape. But the biggest challenge, for many people, is just to simply keep going. Day after day. It’s really easy to let one day slide, and then another, and before you know it the whole workout routine is long forgotten. That’s when being part of a team is helpful and where you ladies have shown that you are BAMTASTIC. It’s been downright awesome to see the encouragement you’ve given to each other in the past month. We love to hear your feedback, your personal stories of triumph, and what type of cookies you crave.

Soooo . . .

Now that we’ve discussed goals, mishaps, and how terrific you ladies are, let’s talk about the My Peak Challenge being sponsored by our furry friends at Bear Strength, along with Fight Camp and Sam Heughan.

You have 73 days from Jan.1st until the peak hits on the weekend of March 14th. 73 DAYS!!! Ruth, Sarah, and I would love to know what your goal is for the My Peak Challenge.

Will this peak be incorporated into a bigger goal for the year? What are some of your fitness hopes and dreams? What is your plan of action to get yourself there? Do you have any tips, or tricks, or words of advice for the other ladies? Please let us know, as we may have a few things up our own sleeves for the March event.

Keep up the good work and best of wishes in the New Year!


2 thoughts on “Goals. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  1. Set up my Chuck Norris Total gym that has been vegging in the garage. Can do quite a lot of exercises on that. Also will do some free weights. Wanted to just run (jog) but did 2 miles yesterday in Indiana 32 degree weather and now have chest/asthma congestion. Will run when the weather permits. Too late to sign up for Indy 500 Mini Marathon (which I have done before) but might find something in area that is a few less miles. Goal is to run 8 miles at a time by June and firm up any giggly muscles. Might find a reasonably priced gym to use a tread mill. I actually like running. (A mandatory for the US Army where I spent 15 years). This whole idea is exciting and the inspiration of this site and @BearStrength and @SamHeughen @MyPeakChallenge will help keep us all motivated. Thanks so much for your help.


  2. Excellent blog, I really enjoyed reading it and could see myself in the words. I am planning to join the ladies of BAMStrength this January and I can see the challenge (cardio) already, and planned to do the MyPeakChallenge as well. It’s a good cause now I need to figure a goal! Also really unsure about the mid-March thing (not a big joiner).
    I look forward to your support and may God help me!


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