You Say You Want a Resolution?

Happy Boxing Day BAM Strength!

It seems impossible to say–but we are just four days away from completing our K2C challenge! Congratulations to all of you that have joined us on this crazy exercise in planks and push ups. It has been so much fun to hear how it has been going for all of you. In addition to your stories of feeling stronger and fighting through illness and household chaos, you have offered up some A+ Holiday Mash Ups. You all deserve major kudos for keeping the challenge going during an often frenetic time of year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your 26 days of core strengthening so far. After a month of Planking around the Christmas Tree, I am fairly sure this challenge is the start of a really weird new holiday tradition in my house.

If you’ve been waiting until your day 30 victory lap to make a donation in honor of our month of being Kind to the Core, there is still time to go to

Please remember to reference 787457 so we can track how much K2C raised. $1 a day works out to roughly £20. You are, of course, welcome to give more. We’ll report back in the new year with the final tally. As they say: watch this space. 😉

In the meantime, we need to tell you about January’s NEW challenge! We’re kicking off 2015 with the 30 Days of Change Challenge.
You can find it here:

This challenge represents a little bit more of a time commitment than our last one, but as we swing into a new year and many of us are recommitting to making fitness a priority, it seems the perfect time. Each day of the challenge consists of a cardio element and a body weight strength challenge. There are three levels for each element, so you can mix it up to meet your fitness level. Maybe you’re a varsity lunge queen but just getting back into cardio, or perhaps can run for days but cry during push ups–feel free to mix and match to create a workout that works for you.

We like this challenge because it doesn’t require a gym membership or any equipment other than proper running or walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing if you’re walking or running outside. Unless you’re a nudist with a treadmill. In that case, you’re set, but maybe skip posting your selfies so we don’t get banned from Twitter.

If you want to join the challenge but already have a workout program, you can always add in the part you want to try to work on (either the strength exercises or the cardio) or try to talk your workout buddies or trainer into joining us. If the change challenge is more than you are ready to take on, we still want you to join us! Neila Rey’s website has a wealth of workouts and challenges that you can adapt to your fitness level. Our goal here is to start off 2015 with positive change and to support one another while we do it. Please join us!

The 30 Days of Change Challenge kicks off on January 1, 2015. Let us know here or on Twitter (@BAMstrength) if you’re ready for a big change. You can use the hashtag #BAMchange to track the fun.

Keep the enthusiasm, encouragement, and mash ups coming. We love having you as a part of the BAMstrength team!

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