K2C Week One and Done!

#K2C Week One Done!
Good morning, BAM Strength!
BAM! One week of core is done. Great work! We are so grateful for all of you who have joined us on this adventure in strength and kindness. It has been exciting to watch this group grow, and even more heartening to see how you are all cheering one another on. Linda, Ruth, and I (Sarah) have been marveling at how this community has come together.
As the reps start climbing this week, please remember that you can break them up into manageable sets. The goal is to not break YOU, so break up the reps if you need to. That was not supposed to rhyme. But I’m running out of time. (Someone please stop me.)
Breaking up the sets works well around household chores. Last night, I did 10 push ups, washed a few dishes, then came back for 10 more. You can also “rest” by working a different muscle group–bang out some squats for our resident squat master, Di, for example.
If you notice your form falling apart, that is a good time to take a break. You’ll come back stronger after a little rest. Muscling through with poor form is an excellent technique for injuring yourself, but not much else. Being a badass means respecting your limits. Physical therapists are lovely, but our goal here isn’t to visit one this month.
Congratulations on making it to Week 2/Day 8! Keep us posted on how it is going, and by all means, keep up the fantastic song stylings as you go.
More soon…
BAM Strength Girls

2 thoughts on “K2C Week One and Done!

  1. Well done all! Week one was great!
    Thanks again to the First Ladies for getting this whole gig off the ground! You ladies are super special!
    And thanks Di for setting the squat bar high! (I caught Sarah’s rhyming disease)
    Great suggestion about the sets, also!
    Cheers to all of you! You inspire me!


  2. Great advice to break up the pain… Er, I mean the workouts! Distract and confuse your muscles so they don’t know what’s coming next. It’s no fun killing yourself, especially when it leads to nothing!

    Thanks for the squat shout out First Ladies!! Even if you only do squats in order to ease getting in and out of a chair – you’ll notice improvements by adding them into your workout.
    And most importantly :


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