Winter is Coming…and so is K2C

Alright. You’re here. That means you’re ready to go all in on our first big BAMStrength challenge.

The fun starts on December 1st. We’re so excited you’re joining us!

Since this is the season of giving, we’ve decided that we will be giving ourselves the gift of core strength (and the gift of setting aside a few moments for self-care in the midst of an often frenetic time).
We’re calling this challenge Kind to the Core (#K2C if you’re a Twitter type).

You can find 30-Day Core Strength Challenge here:

For this challenge, we are asking participants to consider donating a dollar for each day of the challenge to Leukaemia Lymphoma Research. We thought we would kick off our first challenge with a gesture of kindness to others, and since so many of our lives have been touched by cancer, this seemed a fitting place to direct our giving. Linda, Ruth, and Sarah all have roots in Great Britain (and met through Bear Strength, which is based in Wales) so this time around our funds are heading there.

If you donate, you can do it in a lump sum on Day 1 as a statement of intent, or as a triumphant victory lap on Day 30. The folks at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are grateful to be the beneficiaries of our challenge and have created a team for us in their system so that we can know how much K2C has raised.

You can donate online: When you donate, please reference 787457. This will help track how much Team K2C has given so we can report back just how kind (and badass) you all are.

If you want to give, but can’t join us for the challenge, you can choose to “sponsor” one of us and we’ll suffer through the push ups on your behalf. Go ahead and give a dollar a day anyway!

If you want to do a challenge, but the core challenge doesn’t work for you, you can join us in the suffering by doing your own challenge. There are some great alternatives on this site: Or make up your own–it could be as simple as pledging to walk 20 minutes a day. Whatever you do, let us know! We want to cheer you on.

If you want to do the challenge, but can’t manage the donation, we still want you here! Join us anyway.

Finally, If you’re on Twitter, be sure to check in with us (@BAMstrength) and hashtag your progress #K2C. Extra cool points are awarded for selfies in festive workout attire.

See all you BAMs on December 1st!


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